Changing the icon of a single object

To change the icon of a single object do the following:

- select the tab for the item you wish to change (1);

- select the object you wish to change (2);

- select the icon to replace the one you wish to change (3). (The theme icon will change to the one selected);

- click Apply to set your changes (4).


For example if you want to use another icon for Audio CDs in Windows XP follow this steps:

  1. Choose the drives-button.gif tab;

  2. Mark Audio CD in the Select an item list;

  3. Select an icon from the Choose an icon area to replace the current one (you may need to scroll down the area to view all the icons).

  4.  audiocd.png

  5. Click apply-button.gif and wait several seconds. Now open the My Computer window, put any audio CD into your CD-ROM drive and make sure itís icon became the one you have chosen in Bee Icons.

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