Opening the theme

The easiest and the fastest way to change Windows icons is using of icon themes – four mouse clicks are enough:

First click – click openicontheme-button.gif (Open an Icon Theme) button at the toolbar.

Second click – mark one of the files in the opened window (with *.bit or *.bip extension);

Third click – in the same window click Open button, to open a theme.

Fourth click – click apply-button.gif to get changes done.

Wait a several seconds. Now all icons have been changed.

Note: if the theme doesn’t contain icon for some Windows object, the icon of that object stays the same.


After theme opening (first three clicks in the last example) in the files types list those files types are shown that are placed in the theme, as well as in the drives list and in the folders list, are displayed those disks and folders, which are placed in a theme.

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