Toolbar repeats the most frequent command of Main window menu. In a table from left to right such buttons are placed.

Open an Icon Theme – opens the window of file choice. Choose there icon theme (file with extension *.bit) for open it. Hot key of this button is F3.
More details about opening of icon themes read here.

Create a New Icon Theme – The program passes in a mode of creation of a theme. In this mode in the Object List are displayed all objects, icons of which you can customize. Hot key of this button is F2.More details about creating of icon themes read here.

Restore Default Icons – Restores all theme icons to default for the current operating system (which is chosen in Bee Icons options window). Hot key of this button is Ctrl+D.

Refresh System Icons – rebuilds the Windows icon cache. Click this button after applying changes to see them or in case of wrong displaying icons by Windows. Hot key of this button is Ctrl+R.
Note: if you‘ve got the option Rebuild the icon cache automatically after applying changes marked in options window, rebuilding Windows icon cache will be done automatically after applying changes.

Go To Bee Icons Home Page – opens your Internet Browser and tries to load Bee Icons Home Page from Internet. Hot key of this button is Ctrl+H.

Send Mail To Bee Icons Support Service – creates a new letter in your mail client for Bee Icons technical support service. Here you can write, if you want to ask any question about Bee Icons. We also will be thankful for your ideas how to make Bee Icons better. Hot key of this button is Ctrl+M.

Help – runs Bee Icons help system. Hot key of this menu point is F1.

Exit – closes the program. Hot key of this button is Alt+X.

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