Creating and saving the theme

In Bee Icons you can also create themes.

To create a new icon theme click createiconstheme-button.gif (Create a New Icon Theme) button at the toolbar. In appeared window choose variant of creation of a theme. After that the program passes in a mode of creation of a theme. In this mode in the Object List are displayed all objects, icons of which you can customize. Now start to set icons for all objects.

If you want, that after applying of your theme, the icon the chosen object was not changed, click Don't Change button. If you want, that the icon of the chosen folder or a drive became common after applying of your theme, click Use Common button.

To save icon theme, click Save-Icons-Theme-button.gif (Save the Icon Theme) button.

You will see Save Options window. In this window you should select a save type for your icon theme. Bee Icons supports a following save types:

The Bee Icons theme file (*.BIT) and theme icons will be saved separately.

Your theme will be compressed to a single *.BIP (Bee Icons Package) file. It will contain all icons and the theme inside. Then, this *.BIP file can be opened using Bee Icons.


Use 'Smart' icon Names option

If Use 'Smart' icon Names option is checked, *.ico files will have names, which signifies name of object, for which this icon was created.

If Use 'Smart' icon Names option is not checked, all *.ico files will have name in the format < Theme Name > < Icon Number > .ico. For example, MyBestTheme1.ico, MyBestTheme2.ico Ö Please note, that in this case, will be created one *.ico file for each theme icons. For example, if you have set the same icon for a two objects, Bee Icons will create two identical *.ico files for each object. So if Use 'Smart' icon Names option is not checked, size of theme icons will be biggest.


Creating of Preview Images

If you plan to show your icon theme to someone, or you plan to distribute your theme in Internet, you may want to create an icon theme preview image. It is an image in a common format (*.bmp or *.ipg), which demonstrates icons of your icon theme.

To create preview image, click Create Preview Images button. Check upper check box in the appeared window (Create preview image #1 (for normal icons)). Select file name, where you want to save an preview image. Change another options, if it is needed and click OK, to close 'Create Preview Images' window. Then click OK in Save options window to continue saving the icon theme. Preview image will be created, when an icon theme will be saved.


If you created the theme with original icons we will be pleased to place it on our site. If you want to do this please contact to us by E-mail


You also can load new themes from Internet. Visit our page to do it.

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