Area of file with icons


In this area displayed information about the file, icons of which are loaded in the icon preview area.

This area includes two edit fields - File Name, Icon number and two buttons – Hold File With Icon, Open Icon File.

In the edit field File Name file’s name and whole path to it is displayed. If you want to change the file where from icons are displayed in the icon preview area, you can enter it’s name in this field or use button Open an Icon File (about it - see later). But remember that except this name you should enter file path.

For some file type, you should also enter “%1” (without quotation marks), if you want to show the content of the file inside the file type icon. More details read here.

In the edit field Icon number the number of an icon in a file is displayed. Enter here the whole number to mark the icon with a definite number in icon preview area.

Note: after the words the last icon is number there displays a number of a last icon in file. So you cannot enter number bigger shown after words the last icon is number.

Button open-file-with-icons-button.gif (Open an Icon File) is used for loading the file with icons into the icon preview area.

Note: Do not forgot to mark the icon in the icon table. Remember, after applying changes the icon will be changed to the one showed by theme icon.

Button hold-file-with-icons-button.gif (Hold File With Icons) has two operating modes – button is pressed in and button is pressed out. When button is pressed in case of choosing a object in the object list icon table doesn’t change in the icon preview area. Use this button if you want manually customize icons of many objects if all icons are placed in one file. More details about this button in the chapter change of icons.

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